Gangrena – Hexekution (EP, 2021) © ALL RIGHTS GO TO GANGRENA GANGRENA is a Black/Thrash n Roll band from Vilnius, Lithuania ► TRACKLIST 1. Intro 00:00 2. Spread Your Legs For Satan 01:04 3. Disco On Fire 03:56 4. Graveyard Patrol 06:42 5. Sadistfaction 10:10 RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2021 […]

INTERVIEW: Hooded Menace Finland’s Death-Doom Metal titans HOODED MENACE recently announced the release of their 6th full length album “The Tritonus Bell” on Season Of Mist Records. I decided to have a talk with lead composer Lasse. 1 Firstly let’s look at the history of how Hooded Menace came to […]

156: Ten Years Of Babymetal To celebrate our blockbuster new issue, Merl, El and Steve take a look back at the whirlwind career of Babymetal so far, from their origins in a completely different, teen J-pop group, to their breakthrough in the UK with Gimme Chocolate!!, to stealing the show […]

Show #593 – Clint Lowery (Sevendust) Sevendust riff beast Clint Lowery is my guest on this all new episode of The Jasta Show! On this one we talk about the future of Sevendust, some real fun road stories, we talk some music biz inside baseball, and so much more! Check […]